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Optimized Asset Management Software

Asset Management is an essential part of ServiceMind system and it allows handling
a large number of assets in the system.

Views & Filters

While developing ServiceMind the modules and functionalities have been structured in a way so each user can have a clear view and easy process to submit their service request.

Effective Maintenance process

Maintenance process is an essential feature for the successful implementation & execution of any CMMS. ServiceMind has an effective maintenance process with flexible recurrence functionality.

Recurrence module to optimize maintenance

Automated recurrence and reminder process help to optimize the maintenance process. The recurrence module is applied to all the service requests received into the system and that can help system admin to manage the maintenance of the assets.

Dynamic user creation and role assignment

The system has been following the dynamic user creation and role assignment for those users. The system users can create any number of users with their specific roles & responsibilities and users can be assigned to different tasks related to customer’s service requests.

File Management

In any system files in a different form are required and it has an important role in the service industry. Users can save different forms like jpg, pdf, doc etc in the system related to the specific service request.

Easy connectivity – Multichannel

ServiceMind has provided multiple ways to customers to submit their service request. They can file their request through the call center, helpdesk, website, and PWA. All these channels are connected internally and avoid the redundancy of requests.

Industries We Serve

Service Mind is the complete package which can serve industries like Real Estate, Hotels, Condominiums, Shopping Complex, Community Malls, Hospitals, Schools.

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