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Facility Management Software to Increase uptime

ServiceMind greatly reduces Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) of equipment by proper managed corrective maintenance and servicing schedule.

Multilingual support

ServiceMind has been developed with the scope of multilingual support to cover the wide area of people.

Enterprise Resource Management

Managing Resources in any enterprise is the big work and ServiceMind has a wide scope to manage Enterprise resources.

Quotation generation

The quotation generation is the mandatory process for any service request. If there is a service then there is a cost to pay.

Survey process to optimize the things

The system has the survey facility for the service request received from the customers.

People & Team Management

The system admin can manage people and team in the system. System admin can store a huge number of data into the database and can manage securely.

Vendor & Customer Management

ServiceMind has vendor & customer management module which allow users to store the data of vendors and customers.

Industries we serve

Service Mind is the complete package which can serve various industries. Such as: Real Estate, Hotels, Condominiums, Shopping Complex, Community Malls, Hospitals, Schools.

CMMS with advanced features

Service Request

Users can submit their service request and can get the immediate confirmation from the admin on their request submission. The PWA version allows requester and system admin both to follow, accept, reject requests from anywhere at any time.

Service Order

On received service requests there will be a process of service order creation which notify to the service requester on service person assignment. After Service order generation survey order is being generated which is the next step of getting solution on service request.

QR Code/ Bar code generation

Service Mind has used QR code/ Barcode scanning and generation process which gives an advanced tracking and monitoring of assets and service requests of users.

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