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IoT for smart Buildings

Service Mind can connect with IOT sensors for performing preventive
maintenance and auto-creating service orders upon auto detecting the health status of any device fitted in the property.

Advanced messaging

The online messaging will facilitate the users to have a quick solution to their queries or concerns. Effective communication is an essential tool for any kind of success in the business.

Location Management

As this is service management and it is flexible to provide services at various places the system must allow managing various locations and properties located at those specific locations.

Admin Dashboard with all essential tools

System Admin dashboard should have everything from where he should control each user and their activities. ServiceMind has given a rich dashboard with all the required tools to handle the whole process.

Process optimization

The ServiceMind process has an advanced workflow and the team of ServcieMind continuos working to optimize the process to meet the latest needs of the service industry. The survey team is an essential tool to have a optimized process.

Flexible Assignment Rules

Assignment of tasks is an essential part of the service industry. ServiceMind has flexible assignment process and the reassignment process. Assignment of tasks is not restricted for specific areas.

Advanced Approval Process

An effective approval process for any CMMS is the essential feature and it is a highly demanding feature to avoid system errors.

Industries we serve

Service Mind is the complete package which can serve industries like Real Estate, Hotels, Condominiums, Shopping Complex, Community Malls, Hospitals, Schools.

CMMS with advanced features

Survey Order

Survey order gives the confirmation on the users service request. It is important to verify the request and to optimize the process.

Reporting & Dashboard

Each user has a specified dashboard with their specific tasks and modules. Multiple and detailed reports of each activity will give an advanced view to the front end users and system admin.

Inventory & Spare parts

Strong inventory management is an added advantage for any CMMS. QR code/ Bar code implementation on assets has played a very important role in building a robust inventory for service mind.

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