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ServiceMind for Offices

Office complexes with built on Smart Building design provide excellent interfacing opportunity for ServiceMind to automate many service related functionalities. Automated Service Requests by infrastructure system like AHU provide a scenario for a quick response. Reduce running cost thru Predictive Maintenance while increasing Asset Useful Life. Keep tenants updated with service progress using mobile application on multiple platforms.

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ServiceMind – An Advanced CMMMS System

Multilingual support

ServiceMind has been developed with the scope of multilingual support to cover the wide area of people. Users of the system can easily implement many languages and switch among the languages while working.

Enterprise Resource Management

Managing Resources in any enterprise is the big work and ServiceMind has a wide scope to manage Enterprise resources.

Quotation generation

The quotation generation is the mandatory process for any service request. If there is a service then there is a cost to pay. ServiceMind understands this need of the system and hence it has given an effective quotation generation process.

Routine Building Maintenance
  • Manage multiple facilities all in one Organized place
  • Assign and coordinate work orders for repairs for utilities, plumbing, and broken appliances.
Synced Building Information
  • All buiulding and equipment information on-the-go for those who need it the most
  • Synced across all mobile devices
  • Eliminate the need for disjunct and unorganized paper and digital information
Complete Commerce Marketing Cloud

ServiceMind commerce marketing cloud offers the most advanced solutions customer reviews, visual marketing, loyalty and referrals.

Facility Management

In the modern world, the facility is the most demanding feature for any Condominium, Hotel, Office or complex.

Property Management

Service Mind has phenomenal benefits and among all benefits property management is an essential feature.

IoT for Smart Buildings

Service Mind can connect with IOT sensors for performing preventive maintenance and auto-creating service orders upon auto detecting the health status of any device fitted in the property.

Asset Management

Asset Management is an essential part of ServiceMind system and it allows handling a large number of assets in the system.

Life Changing, easy to use features


Manage the status of work orders and requests right through the app.


Keep track of all current and upcoming work order at a glance.


Monitor the health of your locations, Assets, Equipment and Inventory all in one place.

Easy for technicians
  • Carry your work orders in your pocket
  • Snap photos of issues and finished work
  • View work order details from your phone
  • Scan assets for maintenance records
  • View work order details from your phone

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