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Property Inspection Real Estate Property Monitoring Software

Property inspection processes for all types of property developers for efficient service, planning, reporting and managing fault inspection schedules to speed up ownership transfer services between service providers and customers.

Flexible to work

Customize the details of the work. Compatible with billing and other Back Office systems. Monitor results and analyze real-time results

No program required

Access to the system is as simple as scanning QR codes, supporting connections across all platforms, both offline and online.

Quick analysis and reporting

With AI analytics, real-time data can be analyzed for consistent management approaches. Increase efficiency in more comprehensive management

Push Notifications

Support push notifications, including LINE Notify, in case of any changes to the repairman’s status or facility booking approval, as well as parcel pick up.

Maximum storage security

AWS Cloud Storage, User Encryption Identification and compliance are subject to the requirements.

Actual charge

Don’t worry about the cost of cloud usage beyond necessity. It reduces costs and controls the use of system resources.

Manage flexibility according to the structure of all businesses.

The management of the service and the management of the facilities is streamlined. Task management can be modified. Control and track them manually.

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