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Property Inspection

Property inspection process is a crucial process for Real Estate developers. Efficient management of this process will further lead to a quick and smooth transfer of ownership and hence realization of revenue. ServiceMind can tackle challenges faced during the property inspection process and streamline reporting of defects. Built in Machine Learning algorithms helps manage scheduling and timing inspection effectively.

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ServiceMind Inspection & Defect Management

Manage Inspection Schedule

ServiceMind can assist customer service and property development team to plan and manage inspection schedule with ease from multiple channels. Inspection planning can be done based on each floor or for specific property units.

Mobile-first Design for Inspection

ServiceMind is designed to be mobile friendly and allows customer service officers to execute inspection and defect reporting easily using smart phone devices or tablets. Images of defects can be tagged with location tags in order to streamline analytics and decision making.

Early Detection of Defects

ServiceMind enables predictive analytics thru applications of Machine Learning capabilities to identify and pinpoint defect patterns occurring during the inspection process. Managers can make data-driven decisions based on analytics from defects data collected during inspection.

Industries We Serve

Service Mind is the complete package which can serve industries like Real Estate, Hotels,
Condominiums, Shopping Complex, Community Malls, Hospitals, Schools.

Routine Building Maintenance
  • Manage multiple facilities all in one Organized place
  • Assign and coordinate work orders for repairs for utilities, plumbing, and broken appliances.
Synced Building Information
  • All buiulding and equipment information on-the-go for those who need it the most
  • Synced across all mobile devices
  • Eliminate the need for disjunct and unorganized paper and digital information

ServiceMind commerce marketing cloud offers the most advanced solutions
customer reviews, visual marketing, loyalty and referrals.

Facility Management

Assuring smooth operations, helps save cost and minimizes downtime.

Property Management

Provide timely assistance while maintaining high tenant satisfaction.

IoT for Smart Buildings

Connectivity with smart devices making accurate location tracking possible.

Asset Management

Enterprise asset life cycle management with predictive maintenance.

Life Changing, easy to use features


Manage the status of work orders and requests right through the app.


Keep track of all current and upcoming work order at a glance.


Monitor the health of your locations, Assets, Equipment and Inventory all in one place.

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