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ServiceMind has an easy to use interface still we have developed a demo for our customers to avoid any type of hassle in accessing the system. Please have a look and let us know if you face any problem through our quick contact form.

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Track Assets and minimize the Downtime

Managing & Tracking Assets performance can give optimized process and it can help in minimizing the down -time issues.

Generate Reports & get depth knowledge

Report Generation in servicemind has an advanced report structure which can give depth knowledge on the service modules. System Admin can have depth knowledge through reports and he can proceed further in optimizing the system flow on the basis of reports only.

Track Assets & figure out the actual usage in the system

By managing and tracking your assets you can understand and figure out the actual usage Identify your asset’s usage in real-time. Find which of them are preferred over the others.

Setup Automated Workflows

ServiceMind has an automated workflow and it reduces the redundancy of tasks in the workflow. Automated workflow reduces men efforts which finally lead towards low cost management service.

Cost Tracking & Management

If the system is transparent & well-managed then it can reduce extra costs of management and can keep a track over your cost and ensure that the things are proceeding in a cost-controlled manner. ServiceMind can ensure their customers in giving this advantage while using this system.

Increase productivity

Well managed system can help to increase productivity and it always lead towards progress of an any organization or institution. ServiceMind is the ultimate solution for any kind of service industry to manage the services for the customers.

Industries we serve

Service Mind is the complete package which can serve industries like Real Estate, Hotels,
Condominiums, Shopping Complex, Community Malls, Hospitals, Schools.

CMMS with advanced features

Service Request

Users can submit their service request and can get the immediate confirmation from the admin on their request submission. The PWA version allows requester and system admin both to follow, accept, reject requests from anywhere at any time.

Service Order

On received service requests there will be a process of service order creation which notify to the service requester on service person assignment. After Service order generation survey order is being generated which is the next step of getting solution on service request.

QR Code/ Bar code generation

Service Mind has used QR code/ Barcode scanning and generation process which gives an advanced tracking and monitoring of assets and service requests of users.

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