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ServiceMind has an easy to use interface still we have developed a demo for our customers to avoid any type of hassle in accessing the system. Please have a look and let us know if you face any problem through our quick contact form.

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Easy for Technicians
  • Carry your work orders in your pocket
  • Snap photos of issues and finished work
  • View work order details from your phone
  • Scan assets for maintenance records
  • View work order details from your phone
CMMS With Advanced Modules

CMMS facilitate advanced system tracking & monitoring, Scheduling, Inventory Management,
Advanced Reporting and Excellent Maintenance Process .

Service Request
Users can submit their service request and can get Solution.
Service Order
The process of service Order Creation is a first step of getting Solution.
QR Code/ Bar Code
An advanced tracking and monitoring of assets and service requests is possible.
Reporting & Dashboard
Each user has a specified dashboard with their specific tasks and modules.
Inventory & Spare Parts
Strong inventory management is an added advantage for any CMMS.
Asset Tracking
Asset Tracking through QR code has given a unique impact on the whole system.
ServiceMind – An Advanced CMMS System

Quick Reporting & Analysis

ServiceMind has a wide and accurate reporting module which facilitate to the user with all the knowledge regarding each activity in the system. Through various Reports, system-admin can analyze the performance of employees, Assets, and Property as well.

Real-time Notification

ServiceMind has emphasized on implementing real-time notification process on each minor or major action in the system. The notifications always keep updated to the users on their responsibilities which can save time and can speed up the process.

provide flexibility of use

PWA version of the system allows users to access the system from anywhere and anytime. Users are not restricted to access the system from a specific place and within a specific time as PWA gives flexibility of use.

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